TASCO Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of high-performance systems and technologies to the Nigerian telecom sector. With unmatched experience and a deep understanding of the industry, TASCO is the company that leading firms chose to partner with.

TASCO is recognized for its superior products, short lead times, and reputable engineers with a commitment to functionality and reliability. We are known to provide personalized services, including highly customized solutions.

We are focused on professional results, maintaining excellent relations with our clientele and providing reliable high-end solutions. Achieving these results has been accomplished by listening to our customers’ needs and supplying only state-of-the-art equipment to fit their requirements while constantly ensuring client continuous satisfaction.

We are proud to represent a portfolio of outstanding technology companies that we work closely with to deliver quality solutions to our customers:

DRAGONWAVE is a multinational corporation headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and a global supplier of packet microwave radio systems for mobile and access IP networks.

PROXIM is a San Jose, California-based company that builds scalable broadband wireless networking systems for communities, enterprises, governments, and service providers.

BRIDGEWAVE is pushing the boundaries of High Capacity Packet Microwave to deliver the utmost in performance, scalability, and flexibility.

RADWIN is a wireless broadband hardware manufacturing company that develops and creates wireless point-to-point, wireless None Line of sight point-to-multipoint and wireless mobility solutions.

COMTECH stampede RAN & WAN Optimization The Stampede FX Series combines both one-sided application delivery and two-sided WAN optimization into a single platform. The FX Series delivers unprecedented application performance, optimization, transparency, availability, and management for existing networks. The Stampede FX Series WAN optimization improves access to your applications by reducing the amount of data transferred on the link through the use of various compression and caching schemes as well as accelerating reliable protocols.

Achieving such a level has been accomplished by listening to our customers’ needs and supplying only state-of-the-art equipment to fit their requirements and ensure continuous satisfaction.

We are proud to represent some of the most outstanding technology companies and together we provide our customers with:

  • MicroWave Backhauling Solutions
  • RAN & WAN Optimization
  • Broadband Wireless Networking Systems

Among our existing customers are major telecommunication companies in the Nigerian market, such as:
MainOne, Vodacom, Mobitel, SwiftNetworks, Netcom, Multilinks and Spectranet among others.